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Tag Archives: first poem in a very long time

i am falling, falling, falling
a hazy cyclone of mumbled words,
slurred speech and upset stomachs.
and at the bottom, there is no one
around to catch my fall
as i hit the ground with a vicious thud
my eyes light up before everything
turns black for a moment
then eternity.

there is something to be said, i suppose, for
crawling out of the rabbit hole
to find that the sun still burns outside
even though its winter
and that the pounding in my head only
means that i am still alive.
and i promised myself that i would never do
this to my body again,
but its easy to get swept up in the moment
like a great typhoon
swallowing and sputtering,
tripping and stumbling.
another endeavor lost to the great black heart of
and we’ve all been there…….

the other day, she said she missed me, the old me.
she said “you used to write poetry,
sing me to sleep in languages of passion
and love, heartbreak, sorrow and madness.
but now your tongue has dried up.
i weep for you.”

i weep for me too.

– r.o.a

Listening to: mewithoutYou – bullet to binary [album: [A—>b] Life]