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Tag Archives: he lit up a cigarette in hopes to calm his nerves and as smoke filled his lungs he prayed to an unmerciful god

this light bulb hanging from
the ceiling is cracked and corrupted
with all of the dreams i let escape
me at night. all of the fears
i’ve left dangling on my conscious
free themselves and dance
upon my weary head during the
worst parts of the morning.
all of this dawn and dusk,
daybreak and nightfall,
sun and moon
all of this dew and frost,
the seasons mocking each other
at backwards glance,
it destroys the better half of me,
leaving the weak to fester
throughout my dormant hours.
they abuse me like i abuse
commas and


and metaphors and money.
like i abuse cigarettes and lists
like i abuse the ones i love
for the sake of my acting career.

i wanted
to be pure
i got this unending sense
that this winter
will be just as long
as the ones prior.

– r.o.a

Listening to: the carrier – no. 51 [album: No Love Can Save Me 7″]