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Tag Archives: like the red wine you’ve been drowning yourself in

the weight of the world
feels heavy on my chest
and i can feel the stars exploding
like cigarettes tossed
aside in the rain.
this empty hole to the left
of my heart
casts a shadow
across my barren flesh
and i said to him
“i know, man and it hurts.
love can tear you apart limb from limb
with no remorse, laughing.”
while thinking the
same about myself.
and she said to me
“poets are too breakable”,
such wisdom from someone
so young.

dear god, this feels like a song
played on repeat
forever more. this
stings like poison in my
gut, for the wine has vacated
the premesis long ago.
where have all the women gone?
why did they leave without
a kiss goodnight?
my garden is nurtured in pestillance,
the flowers it grows mocks
me in the springtime.

– r.o.a

Listening to: Jena Berlin – I Swear We’re Leaving [Album: Quo Vadimus] (One of my favourite records.)