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Tag Archives: songs about sleeping until five p.m.

and the gunman cackles wildly, thrashing about
and spitting demands at his audience
he takes requests y’know? he does a little
song and dance.

he’s held the building hostage for quite a few hours now
the police are outside, but he pays them no mind.
he revels in the thought of being in the spotlight
as the moon casts the only glare of light
through the third floor window.
brandishing his gun,
he takes a small book out of his back pocket,
looking directly into his audience,
he asks with a smile
“do you like poetry?
i write my own. i’m pretty good, i think.

there’s this one poem i’ve
been trying to perfect. there’s just
something about it’s syntax i
cannot comprehend. i see this
comma staring at me, mocking me,
taunting me. i just want to take my
until it begs for mercy and forgiveness
but it knows i need it,
that sneaky bastard.”

its three am, some of the hostages have fallen asleep
to the sounds of the clock ticking
on the wall. others lay awake, frightful,
a few of them are already dead.
the gunman is reciting his work of poems
and i swear to god, if i make it
out of this alive, i am going to buy
a copy of his book.

he’s quite good.

– r.o.a

Listening to: Beat Noir – Sharks & Sleep [album: Bay Street Superstars EP] (everybody must listen to this goddamn band.)