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Tag Archives: the enemy is everywhere

It’s difficult to start a blog, then suddenly drop it out of a lack of time, care, effort, etc. I’ve been trying to avoid depending on posting older poems to keep this thing active, mostly because I don’t think it’s a fair representation. I don’t write all the time. The words aren’t harassing me, begging to be injected to scrap pieces of paper so that I may intravenously show the world how “good” I am. I write for me and for the soul purpose of salvaging the remnants of my soul, nothing else. I go long periods without writing at all such as periods like this and I begin to wonder why it is I have this thing running.

That being said, I haven’t forgotten about this site and I do plan on updating it eventually. Bare with me, oh singular person who reads this. There might be something good coming your way.

– r.o.a