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Tag Archives: there is grace in a steeple collapsing

a hypodermic sleeping capsule,
it sings lullabies into my wilting arms,
it cascades throughout my entire body,
kissing each and every orifice,
caressing my bones until they
themselves to barren slumber.

it is my swan song, just as you
are my destroyer and in some
ways, i find there is very little i
have to be capable of differentiating
myself from you and
from what you do to me.
and tonight, but tonight, toasting
amongst thieves with swords
at our sides, amulets
around our neck,
eying this treasure as if it has the
healing properties of god,
but in powdery form, i dance. a
solemn dance
of rituals and barbarism;
of falling apart slowly in your arms
while i feel you disintegrating.
your hands melt into my body,
looking into your eyes
i can see the universe being dismantled:
piece by piece.

– r.o.a

Listening to: La disputeOnly Everything Below [album: untitled 7″]